Sunday, December 18, 2011


The mister's back home after a few days away at a corporate shindig in Las Vegas. We're generally not desirous of the bright lights and supposed entertainments of that particular city, so the trip was not one for which the mister held any anticipation. It was a good opportunity for him to chat in person with the New York and San Francisco counterparts who he usually interacts with via conference calls, instant messaging, and e-mail. His travels left him ready to spend the only day left of his weekend at home relaxing.

With his business trip, there have been no holiday commitments to meet this weekend. There was one brief trip to find a gift for my sister-in-law, a grocery run, and the delivery and retrieval of Skater Girl to a birthday sleepover. Other than those few errands, the past couple of days have been filled with sweeping, mopping, dusting, bathing and brushing stinky, shedding canines, laundering, organizing, marshalling the girls for bed/bathroom cleaning, and slipping in a little reading along with the DVRed episodes of "Once Upon a Time" that Skater Girl and I have been meaning to watch. (There might have also been a brief bout of dancing in the kitchen accompanied by the musical stylings of Middle Child.) Fortunately, there was church this morning and there's a Girls' Night Out scheduled tonight for a little grown-up time outside the house.

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Fun stuff!
But like you, I could skip ever going to Vegas for all the same reasons.
Hope you enjoyed a nice Girls Night Out!