Monday, November 30, 2009


Okay, so into every year a few holidays must fall. And I admit to being a bit hit-or-miss with putting the Merry into Christmas. The Ragamuffin Soul has issued a challenge that Jan has seen fit to not only accept, but pass along. So, I think I shall opt to play along because my own ragamuffin soul tends to feel more ragged during this theoretically joyful season.
I think I can manage two posts per week on the progress in meeting the following goals:
  • Spiritual I will set aside a time of prayer solely for praising God every single day.
  • Physical I will walk 25 miles per week. I will put down the pie. I will dance when no one is looking.
  • Relational I will choose people over projects.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Good for you! Good luck, too! I admire all of your goals.

Fannie said...

Our parish stared a week-long mission on Monday. Seems crazy this time of year, but we're enjoying more time at church and less holiday crazy!