Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Two blog posts per week on the way to Happier Holidays? Can do. Deal with all the boxes and piles o' Christmas decor and wrap scattered around this dirty house? Not so much. Instead? Throw a wee little hissy, then flounce out the front door toward Starbucks with Walker. Walker is also doing the Christmas Challenge, but she is doing it well. Which in turn inspires me.

After our miles today, the lids finally came off the Christmas Tree china storage boxes. Walker has happy memories of the same pattern associated with her Grandma, and that causes me to finally pull out the mountain of dinnerware. And because I remember my introduction during a Christmas Past to the pattern by my Aunt Dee who knows all there is to know about such things. Hopefully, the continual act of stuffing down my inner Grinch and bidding a "Bah!" to my Humbug will result in a brighter season celebrating our Savior.

As to the goals set for myself?

  • Spiritual: The biggest challenge in my Hallelujah! chorus is simply not letting my prayers become petitions when the purpose is to praise God. The goal was simply to honor what God already does rather than to focus on whatever I would like to see on His to-do list. Shelley in Poland provided all sorts of gems with news of the fledgling ministry in Gdansk, Poland and the team's growing relationships with Poles in their new city.
  • Physical: The mileage on my caboose this week is at a paltry 6 miles on day 2. Because it is cold. And I am a weenie.
  • Relational: The Christmas Tree china is on display because of its associations with people. And I will give Little Bit an apology for not making her desire to take treats to her class as important to me as it was to her because I ruled that one a "Project" when it should have been a "People". Because she is very much my kind of people, and treating her classmates was not a project in her mind.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Atta girl. We freak out about the same things--I see a mess and clutter and disaster and I too throw hissy fits. *sigh* Here's to warm weather so you can get your miles logged.

Fannie said...

Hissy Fit + Flouncing Out The Door = Sunday at my house!