Monday, December 14, 2009


The UPS site showed that the mister's Christmas gift left the local distribution hub at 4:08 a.m. Mental calculations failed to explain how to avoid his receiving the package since he works from home. He mentioned that my Christmas gift was likely to arrive via mail. To which I replied that his was also due in, and it would be best if he leave UPS to me while he took care of any regular mail.
The mail came first. The mister snagged his package while telling me, "Don't look!", as he sped past into the haven of our bedroom shutting the door behind him. He offered up the wrapped package shortly thereafter, but I refused to so much as touch the box for fear I would guess exactly what surprise was inside.
UPS showed up next with the mister's goody and a magical mystery surprise package from JC Penney. (Turned out one of the neighbors had ordered a toy metal detector. I re-taped the erroneously opened package, and we dropped it off on the proper doorstep. Oops.) Checking the other box to be sure the mister's gift was both in there and undamaged, I removed the packing slip before resealing the box. Tearing off the shipping label to make it an anonymous brown box, I shuffled it to the side until I was ready to wrap the thing.
This year we are all about the surprises. I cannot say more because both the mister and our offspring read Mom's Blog. And surprises are no fun at all with spoilers.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

The mail and UPS make me sooooo nervous this time of year!

Fannie said...

We've had deliveries almost every day between me, the girls and The Saint. Our rule? If it isn't addressed to you? Don't touch!