Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Picture Post: Flurry

It has yet to snow in Chicago this year; yet, snow flakes tumbled in their madcap dance toward earth in Texas this morning. The same child who is a chore to awaken on an ordinary morning fairly flew from her bed when the mister called out that it was snowing. With a brief detour by the closet, Erin was out the door to enjoy the all-too-infrequent snow flurries whirling across the yard.

There was not a child to be seen on the street except for those whose parents were already driving them to school. Our youngest child? Was out trying to catch a snowflake on her tongue. I may not be the most responsible Mama on the block, but the child arrived at school on time--- and supremely happy.


Kathy said...

How fun!!! Great pictures, Holly.

No snow here in Seattle, just freezing cold ;)

Leanne said...

Fun! It's just wet up here in my usually snowy land. We actually just set a record, it's the first November in 70 years that we haven't had snow. It's scary this global warming stuff. I'm glad you're enjoying it down there though!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

That first snow really revs them up, doesn't it? I heart the black and white pictures.

Kaitlin Abshire( Holly's Middle Child) said...

I was inside waiting to go to school so I didnt get to enjoy the snow. It all melted away in about 10 minutes. About 70 or 80 athletics girls had to huddle in the coaches elar portable because the guys athletics took the whole weight room and hallway and there was basketball practice so the only time i got to enjoy the snow was comeing inside and going out to the portables :(

Some of those pictures dont even look like Erin!