Monday, December 28, 2009


Ouch. In the end-of-year get-it-done-while-the-deductible-is-met medical and dental blitz, the calendar for today was packed with a trip to the dermatologist, followed by the immunologist's office, back to the endodontist, and capped off with the regular dentist. Oh, joy. Oh, dear.
The dermatologist visit was expected to be a quick 15 minute in and out. Except it wasn't. The biopsy results that could have been nothing? Were something. Precancerous cells with edges not contained in the original sample meant a minor surgery in office to remove a bit more of the offending uh-oh from my upper left arm. For the record? This was answered prayer that anything of just this sort would be found--- and removed rather than allowed to grow unchecked until truly dangerous. Oh, well.
The immunologist was the stop for H1N1 vaccination which really could have been just the 15 minutes it takes to sign in and let the nurse poke what was now destined to be my upper right arm. Except it wasn't. The sinus infection that took hold before Christmas? Was still in effect. So there had to be an exam and an extension of the antibiotics keeping the badness somewhat at bay in hopes of completely clearing the infection. And thanks to the biopsy results? The always unpleasant discussion of the increased cancer risks for those with my specific immune deficiency. Then it was decided that the vaccine could still be given after all. Oh, brother.
The endodontist? Did exactly what was planned; although, it was a bit of a toss up trying to decide which arm to volunteer for having blood pressure taken. No surprises whatsoever, and the icky infection in my jaw appeared to be all cleared up. Concluding their business early, the lovely people in that office sent me home to a pudding lunch, my mister, and Mansfield Park. Oh, goody.
One can never tell how these things will go, but it is rather hopeful that the final appointment of the day will end even half so well as the third one did. While not quite managing to begin the day as I meant to go, it is shaping up rather nicely at the midpoint. After all, how can one possibly be unhappy with a day that involves an uninterrupted hour with a well-loved book? Or a few minutes spent making faces in the mirror with half one's face numb? And, of course, there were some valiant attempts to deliver a single smooch to my mister that were entirely unsuccessful due to said numbness, but still highly entertaining. Laughter and a bit of escapism do wonders for refilling a glass that was precariously poised at half empty.

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I chuckle because that's how I look at a dental check up--I'm kicked back, feet up, don't have to say or do anything for anybody for about a half hour! Glad you found that skin cancer early.