Friday, December 4, 2009


Um. The spiritual, physical, and relational goals set on Monday? The ones that are going to lead to a Merrier Mama for Christmas? The fulfillment is not quite as I expected when setting the goals. Because meeting the people over projects Relational Goal calls for flexibility in the physical goal which would have been a major consumer of time in this busy season. At least that is the official excuse reason for dumping the walking goal.

What was intended, was to walk 25 miles this week, but the reality is that the cold is disagreeable. And my left knee is doing something tricksy. And there are a zillion commitments and appointments on the calendar along with increased errands. All of that to say that the 25 miles per week plan is hereby repealed in favor of sanity. There has been 100% resistance to the siren song of pie. (That's the goal I would most like to toss.) The abstinence from pie will remain, but added to that will be 6 consecutive hours of sleep per night.

The spiritual goal of making a time of prayer more about thankfulness than want is becoming easier. With the changed purpose to this aspect of my recent prayers, I have discovered an almost rote feel to my prior moments of praise, and I wonder if I would even have noticed it had it not been for this challenge?

The goal that is requiring change in both thought and action is the Relational Goal of choosing people over projects. Rather than making Erin unload the dryer, we played in the snow. Instead of getting in the car right on time to head for an appointment, time was spent in conversation with our plumber--- who, in turn, accepted a dozen tickets to bring guests to our outreach-oriented Christmas Festival next week! Somehow, even with choosing the people in both situations the laundry load was still done, and we were on time for our appointment.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Isn't it awesome when we let go and go with life and it all turns out okay?

Jan said...

Good for you!