Wednesday, December 9, 2009

In the Spirit

Ah, about that holiday challenge? May I just say that the spiritual goal is beyond my wildest hopes. This week's prayers of thanks have been exponentially multiplied with the release of Rebecca Sehnert's "Make That Mountain Move". (Check it out on iTunes!) The offerings range from pop to blue grass influences, but the feeling is pure worship. Rebecca shared her testimony years ago at a women's event, and her faith is lived out day to day as well as spilled out in her writing and singing. I've been wandering around all week singing or humming snippets from the cd in a near-constant worship service.
The physical? Well, tonight Walker and I took advantage of the only night this week free from Christmas Festival commitments and rehearsals to pick up two miles. Resting the knee yesterday meant there was time for the luxury of an afternoon nap. Despite avoiding pie, I am still eating the treats that signal the holiday season like that lovely white chocolate raspberry cake. Oh, yes, it was worth it!
In the all important category of relationships, last night saw a reunion of women involved in ministry at our old church who have gone their separate ways over the years. In my heart, it felt like walking among giants. These were many of the Titus 2 women of the early years of the mister's and my marriage and parenting, some of those who lit the path I follow today and those with whom my steps are in sync. I was especially tickled to look through the photos at the numbers of mothers and daughters present. It was an evening of sheer joy.


Anonymous said...

Yes it was an evening of sheer joy and I'm so glad you could make it! There was so much laughter and easy conversation. I smile everytime I think back on it! Thank you for that delicious cake and I hope your knee is showing some improvement today...

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Glad you did that. Your smile glows.