Thursday, December 3, 2009


I am a verbal processor. This can create problems of the ranting, whining, or gossipy sort. (None of which is the least bit appealing, one might add.) Still, I need to go through the process of sorting through all the dirty laundry in order to "Get it all out," in the proverbial wash. Because failure to properly sort that stuff out can allow one's reds to bleed all over the whites. And the whites really did not have anything to do with the reds. Taking a moment to examine a spot and determine how to pretreat is preferable to rubbing it in or letting a stain set to permanently damage an item... or a relationship. *sigh*
Cryptic? Perhaps. The "reds" tend to be my hot button issues, and they certainly do bleed all over everything else if allowed to soak. If they hit the spin cycle? There will be an emotional splatter pattern of epic proportions. Nothing will get that out. Once the reds get sorted out of the pile, it is usually easier to run most of the loads remaining. I try to save the delicates for those moments when I have time to give them the attention necessary to prevent unnecessarily rough handling. Fripperies out of the way, and the last load will be whitening the bleachables. Then life hums along with the regular loads, free from the relational hamper created by piles of Dirty Laundry.

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