Sunday, December 27, 2009

Prep Time

With Christmas, 2009 past, and 2010 looming imminently, our church is getting ready for The Apocalypse. Seriously. We're not lining sidewalks with sandwich boards proclaiming the doom of all mankind or anything, but we are preparing to study Revelation perhaps in the interest of recognizing why speaking of one's faith is of necessity. Before The Apocalypse arrives toward the end of January, as a congregation we will spend 21 days studying and focusing on prayer. I cannot think of a better pursuit for those who wish to chase after the Creator of the Universe than to simply spend time with Him. And in spending moments, hours, and the coming days in pursuit of the One, we will be better prepared to serve Him--- and to live in expectation of the coming of the end of all things known.
Because eventually the world as it is will pass away. I choose to worship God who exits outside of time and this world. And to try to recognize that God is bigger than my small mind can know, more immense than my wildest imaginings might conceive, and that this unknowable Lord patiently reveals Himself through scripture. How astounding. And how great is my anticipation of what will come of our congregation purposefully spending weeks practicing the simple awe of communion through prayer before attempting to wade into the Revelation of warning and hope given to John.
It's going to be some year.