Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tidbits: Lenses

  • Sometimes I wonder if I am missing out on life because I observe so much of it through the camera's lens.
  • Adults may cringe away from the camera, but it draws chidren.
  • Images are not subject to language barriers.
  • The camera can show you that for which I have no words.
Meet my friend Froggy. We do homework together once a week. It's something we're both pretty excited about. Ironically, he was working on word problems this week. Perhaps there are words to fit being greeted at the door of the afterschool program by Froggy who says, "You came back." Or maybe not.
Working through word problems
Erin went to her first skating lesson. (Her skates have shipped, but they have yet to arrive. She wore the rentals.) She was moving very well. A beginner ice skating class is potentially comical in real life. That does not translate well to the digital still image.
First Skating Lesson
Tomorrow, the Boy will run in the District Cross Country Meet. His mama will be there, watching and trying to capture the moment. And we will later look at the images together.
Preparing for the race
Finally, in three more weeks, we'll leave for a return visit to another world. A place populated by people who have imprinted themselves on my heart.
Laura and Cinco

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

and you posted your lovely photos in black and white--my favorite!