Friday, October 22, 2010


In 2008, I flummoxed my mister with a crying jag over not having lice. Not because I wanted lice per se, but because ShelleyinPoland had ended up with a case while serving children suffering from the critters. Not having lice on that day meant that I had not been amongst the team loving on those children. It was a very real grief.
Salon Services
An answer to my prayer to be able to minister (as ShelleyinPoland and the team she served with had) came almost two years later. The opportunity to share in shampooing thirty-odd heads of hair to relieve the children at House of Hope of their itchy scalps was presented last March. It was delightful to finally get the chance to act on what can best be described as a case of Holy Discontent. The experience brought relief to the kids while highlighting the issue of a severe water shortage affecting those in Puerto Lempira for Katie and I (who are both very accustomed to turning on the tap without having to consider from whence that needful resource springs). The whole experience was overwhelming, but one that is a treasured memory of that week in Honduras.
When the Reach Out Honduras Thanksgiving Team was given the opportunity to collect 20 RID lice treatments and repeat our "Beauty Salon", there was no hesitation in agreement. It was delightful to contemplate the repeat opportunity to be part of again meeting the kids' need for relief from that too common pest. Out of the blue this week, Mama Tara asked Laura about lice treatments for the children who shelter with her. Last night, Laura e-mailed asking if it would be possible to purchase an additional 13 treatments. Trip Leader Amy immediately responded that her mother was in possession of $100 given that day toward the purchase of the $9-$10 lice treatments. It was with a happy heart that I followed up Amy's response with the news that I had received another $25 yesterday for the treatments as well. While not sure if we have the full compliment of the original 20 treatments pledged yet, I know of at least ten plus two promised by former Operation Prayer Surge (Poland, 2008) teammates ShelleyinPoland and Lisa.

I'm consistently amazed at the blessings that come in sometimes odd packages. Yet, I find an overflow of thanksgiving that this perhaps yucky ministration is the ministry which God offers again because the act of meeting this need for those we serve ministers to my own heart. Again, I find tears coming in response to children who have lice. It is with absolute gratitude that I contemplate the incredible gift of being one of those who will be serving in a way I so keenly missed years ago. Here's to taking our shampoo and comb out salon even further and reaching out to ever more people with a ministry that might not be for everyone, but means the world to me.


Laura said...

You are IT, friend. So happy to walk through this life with you by my side. Your perspective is infinitely important to me.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

That gives a whole new meaning to the idea of Christian service. Wow.