Friday, March 25, 2011

Genetic Disorder

Erin is making her biome project. It involves the gruesome dismemberment of two plastic toy animals followed by super glue reattachment procedures for the creation of a Frankencritter that was supposed to be straight out of Erin's imagination. Unfortunately, Discount Store was lacking in snowy owls, polar bears, wolves, arctic foxes, or any other cool creature that could be forest or tundra dwellers.
Hunting through the animal figurines, she started trying to find any two animals that at least shared the same habitat since she will also be writing a report on the biome where her Frankencritter would exist. She was particularly taken with the idea of a pair of big cats, but the tigon/liger failed the habitat test. Then she saw the zebra which does share the lion's habitat, and it has all those lovely racing stripes. I asked if she'd considered that one was an herbivore and the other a carnivore. To which she replied, "Perfect. Then they will make an omnivore!" Thank you, young Dr. Frankenstein, and we'll look forward to meeting your Zion/Libra!

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