Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tidbits: Date

* The mister and I marked our 17th wedding anniversary over the weekend. He offered up a dress-up dinner out followed by the chance to see "The King's Speech". We ended up with a much more casual evening of La Madeleine for dinner and a treat. Bowling a couple of games at Splitsville and wandering around a local shopping center people watching gave way to our closing out the night at a coffee shop.

*The daughters were waiting up for us. There might have been some Mother-Daughter texting during Date Night while the mister was away from the table. There was definitely a post-date wrap up discussion with the girls as soon as the mister and I returned home. I like to think that their Daddy is setting the bar high for our future sons-in-law and those fellows who will likely proceed them in dating the daughters. I also like to think that when they are of an age to date, we will continue the precedent of filling each other in on the moments that make one's heart go pitter-pat.

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