Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Today it's eighty degrees outside. Overnight the local temperatures are projected to take a twenty-eight degree nosedive. (That sounds lovely compared to day after day of sweltering triple digit temperatures that dogged us throughout summer.) The timing on the coming chill could be better. It's especially poor timing for one group. Area high school cross country teams are set for their district meets tomorrow. Herds of teenagers with an absence of body fat wearing teensy little nylon tanks and shorts are all going to be outside for hours fully experiencing temps in the fifties. Oh, and as a bonus... it's supposed to rain overnight--- with a chance of more rain tomorrow. The runner girls at least ordered long-sleeve team t-shirts for districts. They are really going to need them if the weather forecast proves remotely accurate...
Of course, there is one person around here who will celebrate the cold. Skater Girl is not only excited today about the weather change, but she is also celebrating the anniversary of her Intro to Skating class that fell on October 26th last year. We'll mark the occasion by getting her skate blades sharpened in preparation for the next competition. And that is cool by any measure.

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Yep, that's the weather our CC teams run in almost the whole season. And track teams, too. I am in awe of their shivering bodies--so skinny and bare!