Thursday, October 6, 2011


Despite kids figure skating and running cross country last weekend, it was a Four Square injury that landed one of the lovies in the pediatrician's office for an x-ray. Skater Girl's best friend seized on a momentary distraction to spike the ball. Said ball caught Skater Girl's ring finger. The next day, three hours of ice time were punctuated by our girl squatting down to place her injured finger against the ice. Since it was swollen and bruised, our pediatrician saw her during "Saturday Sick Clinic". He informed us that even though it was just a finger, it could be fractured which might cause "serious contracture," and, if a fracture was present, a consult with a hand surgeon was warranted. Seriously?!

Middle Child has a history of fracturing her growth plates--- especially in her ankles. So when the doctor took a long hard look focusing on Skater Girl's growth plates in her fingers, it was a little concerning. Fortunately, the girls could not be more different in this particular area. Skater Girl was pronounced fracture-free and sent home with her ring and middle fingers taped together. It was a a nice change to have a once-and-done appointment after our experiences with Middle Child who tends toward multiple appointments plus a series of physical therapy visits for injuries.
Last night, Middle Child mentioned that her knee was hurting. Mmmph... Fortunately, she has a meet tomorrow. It's fortunate because she won't be running at 5:45 in the morning. Which means she will not need the first period of the school day for showering after practice. Our orthopedic doctor (the same one I saw yesterday for a follow-up on my knee replacements) happens to be leaving town tomorrow. As a result of his weekend away, he starts seeing patients tomorrow an hour earlier than usual. That means MC can be seen during that open class period, and that any sort of serious injury can be ruled out before she runs in the meet scheduled for tomorrow afternoon.
While I appreciate the convenience of Saturday and early appointments, patient service could move on to the Next Level. Perhaps some sort of frequent shopper program could be set up with our health care providers. Maybe every tenth visit free? Or perhaps a free coffee for Mom with purchase of a regular visit? This could definitely catch on as we head into cold and flu season.

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I think you're on to something--like a punch card--free mammogram after 6 visits or something!