Tuesday, February 21, 2012


The Skate Coaches signed off on the application for Off-Campus Physical Education next year. If the school district approves the application, then Skater Girl can avoid the horrors of dressing out and a gym that reeks of Eau de Feet. The Skate Coaches are heroes, and only partially because my kid may avoid the ick-factor of the middle school locker room. It's a very good thing to see the positive reinforcement and encouragement they shower on Skater Girl. Some days, I just want to cheer for the coaches because they are building up our girl in ways that extend beyond her skating technique.

After a day heavy with skating and skating-related administrative tasks, Middle Child came home and announced that she's thinking of quitting Cross Country. I'm not sure what to make of that because she's the first to admit that much of her identity is tied up in athletics. More importantly, she has spent years running because she loves it. Now, she says she doesn't love running, and, worse, that it's become a source of stress. I'd like her coach to understand that she's not motivating my kid and her version of discipline has sucked the joy out of the workouts that have long fueled Middle Child.

This weekend is our school's home meet, and Middle Child's Other Mother/small-group-leader-at-church-for-the-past-four-years will be volunteering. That's a chance for that Other Mother (OM) to break out the Rah-Rah at least. Plus, this particular OM also happens to be a former co-worker and current friend of the CC/Track Coach. Maybe the OM can shed some nonprejudicial light on whatever is going on with our kid and her coach because all I know is what I'm hearing from the runner girls. (Let's face it, the court of public opinion can be absolutely wrong when assigning motive. And this court is full of teenage girls...) Right now, the hope is simply that our girl chooses to stay with the athletic program for at least the Cross Country season next Fall before deciding to hang up her competition spikes.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Oh, I hope your daughter sticks with CC. It's tough to see a kid quit something, but maybe she'll branch out into another activity?
How cool your other girl gets credit for her skating!

czstout said...

that's so frustrating! I loved coaching Gymnastics and cheerleading and loved building into kids lives! Some people don't realize the effect they have on young minds!

momto8 said...

middle school really is the pits! so much drama! sports is not what it used to be....the dad whose kid is on the team somehow gets the coaching job and so the child is elevated to super star status and the coach is more about his own ego than developing the childs athletic ability.....but despite all that all my kids are heavily involved in yr long sports....keeps them busy and tired!!
I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.