Saturday, July 11, 2009


Once the worst of the afternoon heat abated, Kate, Erin, and I piled into a friend's mom-mobile with yet a third mommy to head north for Girls' Night Out. In a GNO first, both my daughters and husband were present. Don was playing bass as part of the trio at the restaurant where we had dinner. The daughters were along because they needed dinner, and they wanted to catch Daddy's set. Odd, but entirely enjoyable.
Having intended a Picture Post, I took along my camera. Unfortunately, I failed to take along the battery. It was a lovely evening of good friends, culinary adventure (Note: Do not order calamari in a restaurant situated in a strip mall. It will taste like french fries.), and talented musicians. While it would be lovely to have photos of the evening, I would have been less present with the camera's lens to excuse me from full participation. The sacrifice of captured images is a small enough price to pay for the enjoyment of an evening.