Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I've been neglecting this blog a bit. I've been occupied with assorted tasks and juggling a crazy schedule. Just to catch up on the sorts of supremely important factors drawing my attention away from writing in the past few weeks, I submit the following entirely true tidbit:
There is a sound similar to the sound of the letter "m" if it were a growl accompanied by a single raised index finger, raised eyebrows, and followed by a "phh" sound. This is Mommy's universal "Cut-it-out-right-this-minute!" Sometimes, it requires repetition, but all three lovies know this particular display of sound and motion. They also know that it is followed by loss of privileges and quite possibly grief should it be ignored. Especially if the person ignoring the warnings is explaining (a.k.a. making excuses for) something that rates an "ohbutno". And if Mommy escalates from the "mmm" sound to an "nnn" sound, then one should probably just hide. Now. Because a line of some sort has been crossed. Uh-oh. And if Mommy's eye seems to be twitching? Flee. Flee before the wrath of Almighty Mom the Grounder of All, wee miscreant!
Especially after this very Mommy has paid $95 to the plumber (Yes, the very one who once fished your toddler squirty bath toy from the very same bathroom a decade ago!) who has been called forth to remove what turns out to be an entire roll of paper towels from the potty. (No, you are not too old for me to call it a potty when you are still feeding it oddball objects. Perhaps it was the cat you say? Or maybe the paper towels just attempted to suicide by drowning. "Mmph....nnph...") In light of our $95 roll of soaking wet, contaminated paper towels, it would be good if Mommy went for a walk. All by herself. Until her eyes quit this spontaneous rolling.


Leanne said...

OH BUT NO. This requires the child to some how pay for the repair. I say CHORES...and they work off the bill. Nasty chores too. Grrrr. Hugs to you too...for whatever is going on, just hugs and kind thoughts...and a prayer too. :)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Oh man. I'd be saying more that "Mmmmnnnnpppphhhh!"

Fannie said...

I'm with Green Girl- possibly VERY BAD WORDS.