Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Middle Child's seventh grade English Language Arts Reading (ELAR) class is finishing up Riordan's The Lightning Thief. To celebrate, the classes have the option to attend school on Monday dressed as assorted members of the Greek pantheon, and they may bring cupcakes or Greek food. (Three guesses whether stuffed grape leaves, baklava, or cupcakes will be more common.) Katie is excited about participating, and her teacher this year definitely gets kudos for inciting enthusiasm in her students.
Most of the kids' teachers have developed a system of evolving instructions and warnings for their students as they gain classroom experience. Katie's ELAR teacher is no exception. She is also a veteran of the middle school classroom. One can only imagine what sort of "Oh, my...." moments caused the series of specific warnings that included the following:
  • If you come as Aphrodite, do not dress as a stripper.
  • Anyone portraying Dionysis may not come to school drunk.

Really?! And, again just for good measure, Really?! One can only wait with bated breath to hear which god or goddess Katie plans to portray, but there is every reason to expect that she will opt to take in cupcakes over any sort of remotely authentic Greek cuisine.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Heh. That's pretty funny that the teachers are seasoned enough to stay 2 steps ahead of their students. I was always a fan of the guy who did all the welding for the helmets and shields and that--a demigod I think.

Fannie said...

OK - I thought it was funny. Wait till you see the notes that get sent home before a high school dance! I had to ask my girls what half of the "DO NOT..." list was!