Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Head's up: H1N1 flu needs a day or so to show up on a swab. Erin's swab turned positive in nothing flat Monday morning at the pediatrician's office despite a clearly negative swab Friday evening. She has also developed a nasty secondary respiratory infection. Theoretically, the so-called swine flu should be letting up as today is Day 5 of her illness. Erin was completely confused as to why "people are freaking out about swine flu--- it's not that bad".
At least she was confused until it was pointed out that she enjoys certain advantages. She received a doctor's visit and medication to alleviate her symptoms right away. Her parents can stay home with her when she is sick without fear of job or income loss. She had every sort of food and drink that she liked, new books, a computer game, and endless Disney (because we still have no remote) to see her through the weekend. When her symptoms worsened, she had another visit to the doctor with the expectation that new orders for care, isolation, and medication will all be fulfilled.
At the end of this exchange, Erin only had one thing to say, aside from acknowledging that she is very blessed, "So that's why everyone is talking about healthcare reform!"


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I think she's a smart girl to recognize she's got it good even while she's sick! I've heard from others that h1n1 "isn't that bad" which IS encouraging news.

Fannie said...

I hope we don't have to find out if it's "bad"!

Anonymous said...

An after following the schools recommendation to keep them home if they have flu like symtoms - I get a nasty gram that I could be brought up on truancy charges and that we may have to repeat this nine weeks - for missing 4 days of school?