Saturday, October 17, 2009

Walking the Plank

About a month ago, Walker and I had a day that saw us both complaining of knee pain while we covered our weekly walking distance. Walker emphatically proclaimed she was not going to get her knees looked at by a doctor. My immediate thought was that someone was being stubborn. Of course, the very next thought was the recognition that the pot would be calling the kettle black should I comment on her seeming stubborn stance. Perhaps I ought to go get my own painful joints examined rather than pestering my friend? The situation definitely had all the signs of someone being overly concerned about the speck in her friend's eye while ignoring the plank in her own eye.
Weeks later, Middle Child's orthopedic specialist gave a brief consult on my knees during one of Katie's ankle appointments. He suggested I book an appointment of my own very soon. The appointment arrived this week. The result? Both knees are scheduled for arthroscopes on the 29th. Hopefully, the view under the microscope will show that we can wait on replacing the joints. If a double knee replacement is not needed, the surgeon will simply clean up the places where bone is rubbing against bone (ew. ow.) and remove any debris. We would then follow up with injections to help lubricate the joint until the time ultimately arrives for replacements.
Somehow, I rather doubt that my adventures with the ortho will result in Walker making a similar appointment of her own, but I am glad to have the prospect of keeping up my activity level with less pain in the near future.

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Oooh, ow! I hope this gets resolved soon for you!