Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Middle Child's passport arrived two days ago. (I very patiently refrained from opening it. Then I forgot about it so she waited an extra day to get the thing.) It arrived just at the right time since the passport number is needed for the purchase of our plane tickets to Honduras. Her support letters went out this week, too. With the trip a little over six weeks out, the excitement is building. It boggles the mind to consider the privilege of traveling with our friends to their new home! Gaining perspective (Our days in country will hardly be sufficient to convey an understanding!) on their new lives, the ministry to the people of Puerto Lempira, and of a whole different culture and world than our own is just about as exciting as life gets around here.
It was a bit sobering to print off the necessary forms for our trip. One of them was a release requiring a notary that included, "acts of war and or insurrection". Holy Cow. Really?! Really. The real humor is that despite the reality that this could be an issue, it is with a sense of adventure that KT and I prepare for the trip.
Selling our house? That is stressing me out. Finding our new digs? That is also stressing me out after the house we offered on over the weekend had an unsatisfying counter offer. It's entirely entertaining to realize that traveling to a remote area drug runners utilize for transporting no-no's into the U.S., where we need anti-malarial meds, and that is remote enough to have a red, dirt airstrip with limited access to flights in or out is an adventure. Moving in the suburbs is panic inducing. Maybe because one feels like an honor while the other is still something of a burden?


Laura said...

Love that honor vs. burden analysis... gotta dig deeper on that!

Waiting on confirmation of travel plans - but all is submitted! Go God!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

That is a crazy thing to compare. SO excited to hear how your trip goes! I'm glad I traveled a lot--it gave me so much perspective, just as you say.

mrs bradley said...

Frankly, both frighten me. But that's just me. I need to work towards embracing BOTH! A new home eventually and a mission trip! We've never done either (this is our first home)and have built up an unhealthy fear to both. THere is only one thing to do...PRAY!