Friday, January 22, 2010


In a surprise twist, a friend who was asked to pray about the sale of our home knows a potential buyer. The friend came by this morning and walked through our home snapping photos for Potential Buyer. This evening there will be a virtual tour long distance. If the price and the photos hold sufficient appeal, then Potential Buyer will fly in to take a real-life tour of our digs. If PB is not interested, then we will begin taking bids to fix up the ol' homestead before listing it. It would be far less bittersweet to leave our longtime home if we are handing over the keys to our past with an eye toward our friend's future.
In other news, we have a good report regarding our financing. We have prequalified to take our menagerie on to their new home while still owning this one. It will likely hold greater appeal to the masses if we move our offspring, critters, and possessions on to other pastures before asking someone else to imagine their own life fitting in between these walls. This afternoon we are headed north to look at a house. Ironically, it is in the mister's favorite neighborhood. It is a variation on a floor plan by our favorite local builder that we considered building a couple of years ago, but the price is tens of thousands of dollars less than it would have cost us to build it during the housing boom. Nifty.


Fannie said...

We're planning on going out feet first. Moving seems so ...daunting. Good luck!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Oh I hope things work out!