Friday, January 8, 2010

Long Story Short

It's been some week.

  • Pleasant Suburb has experienced temperatures that barely reached the double digits. And temperatures that factored in windchill sometimes missed that mark.
  • Middle Child has a delicate stomach, and she and I are going to Honduras in March.
  • "The 21 Days of Prayer" study is good stuff.
  • One doctor has determined that her second biopsy sample contains all the nasty little pre-cancerous cells found lurking in a biopsy before Christmas. Another doctor warns that there is still an increased risk of assorted cancers with my specific type of immuno deficiency. I can only deal with screening for those one at a time without going a little crazy.
  • We are giving Bad Bella Cat ear drops (that require storage in the refrigerator between feline torture sessions applications) twice a day for a stubborn ear infection.
  • After signing off on a form explaining that should insurance deny medical treatment being given by the provider the insurance company chose, I will be responsible for a stated $21,000+ . (Yes, the decimal point does go after all three of those zeroes.) I would like to have a few minutes with the people in Washington, D.C. to discuss my "Cadillac Insurance Plan".
  • We are incredibly blessed by the friends sharing this sometimes crazy life with us. Especially the ones who hear all about it over coffee.

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

That is some week. Here's to everyone's health and fast healing--even the cat's!