Monday, May 4, 2009

Blathering On

Our contractor is suddenly "going out of town". At least that's the message our son took down. The bathroom that was supposed to be a five day project is now on week three. And I blew my free hours today perusing glass samples for the obscured glass to replace our peepshow windows and trying to make up my mind about which sort of glass shower enclosure shall grace our lovely new tile. I do hope the contractor comes back.

I have new books. Thanks to Green Girl for recommending What Was Lost by Catherine O'Flynn. Which also led me to pass by the table in the bookseller's where I found Who Will Write Our History? Rediscovering a Hidden Archive from the Warsaw Ghetto by Samuel D. Kassow. Yes, I am reading them both at once. Because I can.

My camera took a nosedive onto the kitchen tile floor. Now it flashes a message proclaiming a zoom error and refuses to play nicely. The people at Olympus informed me that the repair could be undertaken for $168. This is substantially less than replacement cost of said camera. It is also substantially more than I have budgeted ($168>$0) for camera-related expenses. In response to my camera woes, S. says that gravity sometimes gets us. I pointed out that gravity already got the Girls, and I find it to be extremely poor sportsmanship to take my camera, too.


Kathy said...

Yes, gravity's a downer. :( about the camera.

Books are always good, though. I will have to look up O'Flynn and Kassow. Although I have many that I haven't finished yet!

You do realize that I'm waiting for your new bathroom to be done so I can copy it--- if or when we re-do ours. So thanks for making all the tough decisions for me. I'm sure the glass you choose will be lovely!

Fannie said...

Remodels that drag on and on are such a ...DRAG. ;)