Thursday, May 7, 2009


See Holly. See Holly twitch. *sigh*
Good news is that the master bathroom tile is being grouted today. Bad news is that the grout got on the ceiling which will now need to be repainted. We needed two more boxes of tile a couple of days ago, and then two more (for a total of four above and beyond what was expected) yesterday. Did I mention that the tile cost more than my mister had expected to spend? And that he went along with me because I really, really liked this tile?
While en route to retrieve boxes three and four from the retailer, my Mom-mobile began to vibrate. Violently. Uh-oh. And on the way home? The "Check Engine" light started flashing to further highlight the issue. Oh, but no. Today the truck is in the shop, and we are waiting for a call with word on just what caused the badness.
The glass guy who resorted to the "Little Lady" routine and added on to the price quoted over the phone when I arrived to place the order? Yeah. His increased price is still lower than the second quote by many, many dollars. I may just have to suck it up and go vacant and smiley long enough to get the glass installed in the bathroom. First, I will try to collect another couple of quotes in hopes of maintaining both my self-respect and the bottom line on the remodel.
Unless the cost of New Camera and Car Repair prohibit the immediate completion of the bathroom project. We're determined to stick to our pay-as-we-go plan to avoid incurring any new debt. Which may mean we further extend the wait for a fully functional 2nd shower. Again with the sighing and twitching.

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