Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Things That Go Boom

  • Have recovered from my initial jaw-on-the-floor outrage over being "overweight". Despite feeling comfortable in my own skin, have decided to continue The Challenge long enough to fit within the idiot box (.gov's BMI chart) in addition to my skinny jeans. Because I can.
  • The bathroom is lovely, but the shower remains out-of-commission while we wait to order glass for the enclosure. To do otherwise would result in a fairly fantastic mess.
  • My Mom-mobile is back to normal after going blooey last week thanks to a fair amount of trauma performed by our local shop.
  • Finished What Was Lost by O'Flynn. A good read, and a quick one. Really could have done without some of the more course language, but can also see how it fit the character(s) where f-bombs were employed. Have somehow misplaced my biography on Ringelblum.
  • Wallpaper border stripped off of all but one wall in the master bath. The neutral paint sits in the garage waiting for me to get around to the rest of it. Meant to knock it out yesterday, but...
  • Saw Star Trek with a pair of girlfriends while the husbands and kiddies were at work and in school. One was seeing it for the second time, and two of us let off a spontaneous, verbal "Woo-Hoo!", so great was our appreciation. We're all drooling over the summer's upcoming pantheon of movies featuring Things That Go Boom from Transformers to GI Joe.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Glad you liked the book. I must learn more about this GI Joe movie...

Kathy said...

Boom! "cuz I can" ;) I like that.

Eeee! I can't wait to Star Trek!

Leanne said...

I want to see Star Trek.
I need to lose twenty pounds as well.
I would like to read that book.

That is all.