Friday, June 26, 2009

Costume Change

Oops. Middle Child and Little Bit are of a similar clothing size. Except that one stands a head taller. Both girls have participated in our church's musical camp this week. Tonight the day campers will present a stomp musical, "Joseph: From the Pit to the Palace", as a result of their week long efforts. Erin's role is that of a "broom dancer". Reportedly, that means she sweeps or bangs on stuff with a broom. Maybe. (A "stomp" musical apparently involves percussion. It's all clear as mud.) Kate plays Jacob, or, as initially reported, "an old man," because "no one else wanted to do it."
Somehow, the costume mistress became confused as to which daughter needed the Jacob costume. This evening Jacob will be showing a little leg because the costume was mistakenly designed for the smaller daughter. And Jacob will be wearing shorts under "his" robe as a precaution with the audience seated lower than the stage height.

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