Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sweeping Performance

The hottest show in town last night was "Joseph: From the Pit to the Palace". The half-hour musical was well done. It served as a testimony to the amount of effort and talent put forth that the young cast of elementary-aged children, with a few middle school kids, learned their blocking, speaking roles, and songs in only five days. The kids marched in with egg shakers, drums, sticks trailing ribbons and filled the risers while clapping and stomping to match the rhythm of their processional. A version of "This is Your Life" played out highlighting Joseph's ups and downs from favored son to prisoner, and ending with his rise to power and reunion with his family.
The mister and I can now somewhat authoritatively state that "broom dancers" use brooms to create choreographed sound and movement on stage while chanting or singing in unison and in turn. Our youngest gave a sweeping performance as part of the group performing "The Pits". We also now know that Little Bit will publicly correct the performer to her right who should have been on the left.
Our eldest did not flash anyone in her slightly shorter than expected costume last night. She also managed to remember her lines despite coming in a day late to begin memorizing the role of Jacob. She was thrilled to be given a staff as a prop for the performance. The giant stick was looked upon with awe by the rest of the cast, and Middle Child was pleased to be in possession of it. The awesomeness of her staff helped to make up for the headache from her too-tight head covering.
Ours is a congregation that celebrates the reflection of the Creator by nurturing creativity and the arts from photography to music. Artistry in its many forms from play-dough to writing is welcomed, and yet the focus is consistently on worship through art. While I refer to the children as "performers", the feel last night was less that of attending a play, than of joining in a slightly raucous worship celebration led by our children.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Enthusiasm trumps perfection in live performances any day!

Kathy said...

It is amazing to witness the creativity God blesses so many with. And just five days to pull off an original musical with broom dancing? You have to know God's hand was in it.