Monday, June 1, 2009

Down We Go Together Then

Ha! This morning my scale showed a rapid and alarming weight loss. Stuck in the same five pounds range where I have lurked for the past couple of weeks, I stood peering at the numbers on the dial between my feet. The mister chose that moment to help me out. He grasped under my arms, and proceeded to lift. That scale registered a loss that dropped like a stone. The mister said he was helping me. I stopped squawking long enough to point out that I was dead because organ function would have ceased with that kind of drop. But the scale did say I was outrageously thin for a moment today. And we laughed. Real laughter for a woman who has been on a scale (not the bitter or mocking sort) is a precious gift.
Anywho. Despite the support (and manhandling) of my precious mister, there is something to be said for going down this route en mass. The mister and I have taunted cheered one another on through a large weight loss, and generally maintained that loss together. In addition to my mister, there seem to be a fair number of women who want to get their weight down now (rather than at some unforeseeable time in the future) and others who simply wish to be a bit more fit. And together we are stronger than alone.
Last week, I fell a bit short of my stated 25-35 mile per week walking goal. Late Friday night a text arrived asking for anyone interested in walking around a local lake the following morning. And the necessary miles to meet the goal passed by in the midst of conversation with a friend rather than in the relentless loop of concrete and manicured lawns set to my iTunes (which was unlikely to have happened). The walking buddies now number three regular appointments plus the mister. I can do this, just not on my own.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Way to go! Having a buddy helps SOOO much with accountability and with keeping things fun.

Kathy said...

It does sound like you've been having a good deal of fun with your fitness! ;)