Friday, June 19, 2009


We are in the midst of an overhaul of the house. Usually, the goal is to clean out all the clutter catchers, donate anything no longer needed, and start off the Summer with a clean, well-organized home. The whole process repeats around mid-Summer while the kids are out visiting grandparents, and again in the Fall when they return to school. Come to think of it, there is usually an additional round pre- and post-Holiday Season as well. Ugh. This series of removal and recycling keeps our clutter to a manageable level, and means we can clean the house fairly quickly without excess stuff scattered about.
Except that the pre-Summer clean-out has been skipped entirely. Not too concerned about the missed opportunity, the mister and I planned to send our discards to our church's Garage Giveaway last week. (Think of a church wide garage sale, but everything is given away. A variety of services including everything from medical screenings and haircuts to a hot dog lunch and bounce houses make the day a community event.) While Don played bass as part of a rotation of entertainers, the rest of us passed out balloons, photographed the happenings at the event, sorted donations beforehand, and completely failed to get our own donations delivered. Well, not completely. A stair stepper that we gave away a while back was threatening to return to us, and it was instead delivered to the church to find a new (and surely more appreciative) owner. Now, I just need to find a recipient for the variety of items that had been previously mentally ear-marked as Garage Giveaway goodies, but which cannot remain here until next year's event.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

That looks like an awesome outreach. And so generous in spirit. Your church sounds terrific, not all churches get the "do untos."

Kathy said...

We do the same sort of purging around here to. Amazing the amount of stuff a family of five can amass.
The hubby usually brings home a truck from work and then hauls everything to the Goodwill collection center.
What a better idea your church has!

Anonymous said...

I live with two packrats but every once in a while I put it all in a box and move it to goodwill - the boy is still looking for his xylaphone which went to the consignment shop with all of his other baby things before we moved 10 years ago.