Thursday, September 24, 2009


Middle Child's ankle has partially healed with remarkable speed. Woo! Miss Kate returned to Cross Country practice with an ankle stabilizer (and some restrictions) at 6:30 this morning. She is hoping for her coach and parents to agree on letting her run in this weekend's meet since the course is all pavement. She still has a follow-up appointment in three weeks to be sure that the little overachiever does not overdo it.
And I will be accompanying her to that appointment. After an unofficial consult during Kate's appointment yesterday, the orthopedist has concerns about both of my knees. I have concerns, too, but I have successfully avoided hearing from professionals since my last knee scope when Kate was a wee toddler. Our doctor will make his official determination during the now joint appointments booked for Kate and I, but it appears that Mommy may end up with minor double knee surgeries in the near future. Drat.

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

No! I've heard from lots of folks that doing both knees together is the way to go.
Glad your gal is on the run again!