Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Sure enough. Miss Kate has fractured the growth plate in her left ankle again. Just in time to miss her first Cross Country meet this weekend, too. She is disappointed, but the blow is definitely softer after hearing that the other girls had to run eighteen "hills" this morning. (The really big news was that someone threw up after all that running. There are two hills on campus, each "hill" requires the runner to go up and down both as part of a circuit.) She's not missing the workouts, but she is sad to miss out on receiving uniforms tomorrow and the first competitions. The ortho seemed to think she might be able to compete later this season, but she will be out of condition.
It's a mixed bag, but Facebook responses to a status update on the topic have conveniently provided several good ideas that will help sway Middle Child's mood toward a more favorable outlook. She will likely feel better once plied with treats and after receiving a nice fresh coat of nail polish to pretty up her exposed toes.

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Oh, bummer. But yes, hearing about the hills would make me feel a little better about missing, too.