Monday, September 21, 2009


The t.v. in the living room is all-Disney, all the time. Even when the kids are out, the living room screen only ever flashes Disney images. The t.v. is connected to the receiver. The receiver controls the channel reception. The remote controls the receiver that controls the channel reception on the t.v. The remote has disappeared.
It's been gone since late July. The mister and I figured it would turn up eventually. The idea of morning programming like "Handy Manny" aimed at the pre-K set would surely serve as a motivating factor in producing the missing remote. (Nope. They watch the pre-K programming and offer their critiques. Oy.) Except it seems to be truly gone. Evacuated or evaporated, but gone nonetheless. While there are merciful moments when the children gather in the master bedroom (like catching the final episode of "The Next Food Network Star") to view the other hundred channels at our disposal, they are largely stuck reaping the Disneyfied moments that their carelessness with the almighty remote has sown. Eventually, the mister will order a new remote. Until then, let's all be thankful this is not a Nielson household.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

WE lost OUR remote TOO! I keep waiting for it to reappear--it's been gone for months. Happily this inconvenience keeps Mr. D off the TV most evenings now, he cannot bear not to switch channels. He mostly watches in our bedroom now which is FINE by me!

Fannie said...

Wouldn't it be great to be given a big basket that contains everything that has "vanished" during our lifetime? Mine will be mostly socks.