Monday, September 7, 2009

Level Up

Orange. That's the level of air pollution alerts last week. For the uninformed, "Level Orange" is unsafe for "sensitive groups". Forgetting that I am technically "sensitive", I walked fifty miles sucking wind last week. And picked up some sort of viral bug that bloomed into bronchitis to aggravate my weather-related breathing difficulties. Fortunately, Middle Child stepped in a hole while running last week.
It is entirely unfortunate that my precious is sidelined in an air boot until she can see an orthopedic specialist for what appears to be a possible growth plate fracture of her left ankle. What is fortunate, is that in the course of signing her in at the Urgent Care Center, I asked if the doctor could also check out my cough. While Kate was having her ankle examined, it seemed entirely provident to let the doctor listen to my chest. Which resulted in a new inhaler, a steroidal inhaler, and a third medication along with the admonishment to avoid increased exertion on heightened Ozone Warning Days.
So tomorrow will be full of contacting the orthopedist to take a secondary look at Miss Kate's ankle next week (after the first meet of the season) and checking in with my own doctors. Bleah. I would just like to take this opportunity to point out that we would both be fine if we'd been parked on the sofa watching t.v. or levelling up in video games.


Laura said...

Oh my! Never a dull moment, eh?

Praying God's mercies all over these health stumbling blocks.

Love you,

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Yep, it's the season here too. Lots of "inhaling."