Monday, March 29, 2010


home: noun, residence; a place where one lives

The word, "home", has been much in my thoughts of late. The Revelation study of the past weeks called on heart and soul to imagine a home to come beyond the mind's comprehension. The short process of staging, showing, and selling our family's first house called for recognizing that a shelter is not a home. Our days at House of Hope in Puerto Lempira (photo below) demonstrated how a home has little to do with the roof over one's head, but everything to do with having a place to be loved.

At the end of the week in Honduras, there was an overwhelming desire to finish the journey home. Not home to our old house. Not home to our new house. Not away from House of Hope. But home. To the place where we belong. The place where we live amongst those with whom we share the bonds of family, fellowship, friendship, marriage... Home.

And just days after the return from Honduras, our family made the move to the place that will be our new home. It is in semi-chaos with boxes and belongings in disarray. Even without putting everything and everyone back in place, it is already becoming our home. And that is oh-so-welcome.


czstout said...

Yay! Congrats on the new digs :) Can't wait to be in the final ones with you one day sista!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

SO much change and excitement for you! Your new home looks beautiful--I am a huge fan of brick.

Fannie said...

"The move is over" has a lovely ring to it - boxes or not!