Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Yesterday, I went to the pharmacy where two sets of antimalarial drugs and antibiotics had been prepared for Katie and I in advance of our March 13th departure for Honduras. These images are a siren song calling us toward whatever lies in store for the days in country. Yearning for this adventure to swallow us up for the days we have been allotted, we wait.
We were also waiting for the appraiser, and he decided to come today with an hour's notice. A cleaning flurry was capped off by his 30 minute tour of our home, but now we are free to begin packing the decorative items that were needed to contribute to the overall appearance of the house. (We want it to appraise well for the buyer, and so there's no uh-oh with her loan.)
So. We will be packing for Honduras. We will also be packing for our move. Simultaneous packing. Maybe even synchronized packing. Shelley-in-Poland suggests we exercise caution to avoid having our passports end up in a box and our kitchen stuff in a suitcase. Good plan.

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

The summer I spent in Egypt required packing for Egypt, packing for college and packing for whatever else was going to my parent's NEW house while at college. So, packing in triplicate. I don't envy your predicament!