Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Two By Two

Sitting on the bench in the entry hall looking out the back doors, and they began to come two by two. Two dogs, claws clicking across the hard floors, came to see why the Lady was sitting in this location. They each chose a spot on the floor to rest their bones. Across the expanse of floor between my perch and the windows padded the smaller of two cats. Slow and low behind her stalked the bigger. Fortunately the hunter caught her furry prey after they left my line of vision leaving it visually unmarred, and the 2X2 count at precisely two.
The hunt's result was perhaps not seen, but it was heard. The yowling of the hunted was punctuated by something that probably belonged to her being repeatedly thumped by the hunter. The cat fight brought daughters two by two. Determined to ignore the rumpus which had drawn in dogs and daughters, I attempted to return to the reverie that accompanied peacefully looking out on the back yard and the drainage ditch creek. Tried and failed because the scrabbling of paws, claws, and feet on the floor, yowling, hissing, and, "Oh, poor baby... ow! She scratched me! Stupid cat!" were somewhat detracting from the peacefulness of the moment. It also brought on humming and intermittent singing of the Sunday School song about Noah's loading everything two by two into the ark.
This morning I am not expecting a peaceful moment. The daughters are off to school two by two. The dogs will be crated two by two. The cats will be doing whatever it is cats will do when the masters are away two by two. The mister and I will be off getting inspections done two by two. New House will be inspected this morning, and hopefully my Mommobile will be getting its state safety inspection at the same time. (This was not intentional. The realtor scheduled the house, and we tried to get the car checked yesterday only to be told to come back today.) Then we can swing by the storage facility to pick up the suitcases and supplies for packing two by two. I'll surely spend the day humming the little song about Noah.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

That is a lot of pairing off for the day! Good luck with those inspections!

shelley said...

I love it! Especially the part about the cat fight. I love watching mine stalk each other and then look away and start grooming themselves if they are caught by the stalked in the stalking position as if they were just out on a stroll and had no intention of pouncing at any given moment. Ahhh, cats. :)