Monday, March 1, 2010

Out and Out

Over the weekend a fabulous case of laryngitis stole my voice. This made worship yesterday a wholly different sort of experience. (Usually there is at least a measure of concern for the people in proximity who are likely not tone deaf.) Since there was not much sound coming out, there was a general failure to modulate the air going in and out during participation with total abandon in the final songs of the service. (It's okay to sing way too loud when it's not going to affect anyone else.) This was great! Right up to the point that dizziness and encroaching blackness sounded the alarm that insufficient air was going in compared to what was going out. Uh-oh. Threatened with unconsciousness for the lack of self-consciousness, I sat down and thereafter refrained from quite such all-out worship. Full-out for Jesus should probably not include actually passing out.


czstout said...

It could involve passing out...I think the pentacostals do that :) JK! Hope your voice comes back and you feel better miss HOLY!!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Ah yes, I've mouthed a few hymns in my day, too. Funny joke about the Pentecostals!