Thursday, May 13, 2010


Pulling up online banking, I was a little surprised to see a $5 charge for a cookie company two days ago. Because sometimes calorie-laden purchases slip my mind entirely. (Selective amnesia = Don't have to count those calories...) There was moment lost to searching any conveniently submerged memories for cookie purchases. Um. No.
Maybe the mister satisfied his sweet tooth while on his travels? He was going to use a different method of payment for reimbursable travel expenses, but that sounded like a personal charge. Call placed. Voicemail left. Text sent. No response. Well... hmmm. Patience was exhausted after all of twelve seconds.
Contacting our bank, it was determined in a very Big Brother moment that the charge was made by a complete swipe of the card's magnetic strip without a pin number in Grapevine, Texas with the mister's card number. Yeah. Um. Again with the no unless someone made a really quick trip across multiple states for baked goods?! The mister phoned home just in time to be told that his debit card was closed out. He confirmed that he was, in fact, still in Utah and cookie-free.
Kudos to our bank for immediately shutting down the compromised card, making a provisional credit, handling the reported fraud immediately and without hassle thus far. The bank's appropriate response felt insufficient. I was overwhelmed with the urge to change every electronic password and run the shredder until it begged for mercy. Ugh. There may also have been a smidgen of overprotectiveness of our information sheets at the orthodontist's office. Good news: I refrained from crouching in a corner huddling over the 8.5X11 sheets covered with personal data and from singing loudly to cover the voice of the new receptionist verifying our insurance. Better news: The new receptionist realized that she should be making that phone call in private before she babbled out our social security numbers and dates of birth.


Fannie said...

That's happened to us on occasion - very scary!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

But thank goodness for their response! What a weird thing to charge!