Wednesday, May 19, 2010


A friend made the statement in her Facebook status update today that, "Marriage without purpose is characterized by aimlessness, and one without hope is powerless." Interesting. My entirely uncaffeinated brain had to work to grasp the idea here. Then came the sifting of marriage memories and the application of emotion to each one before sorting those that fit into the four categories of purposeful vs aimless and hopeful vs powerless. Huh. I think she may be right as far as the mister and I go. Wondering about wider application, because that which applies to marriage frequently fits other situations and relationships, my thoughts turned to our son who was torn away from our family through the sort of awful decisions that kids can make without the least comprehension of the consequences.
Thinking of hope and powerlessness, The Boy is actually slated to return home to us a year after the shock of his removal. He currently visits on weekends, but in June he will be home. We will be a family again rather than a group of individuals recovering from the Boy's poor choices. This was our hope. It was our purpose. Sometimes the hope would slip, the tears would come, and the current of powerlessness would threaten to drag one or all of us under. Even then, the purpose would remain to keep one from paddling aimlessly. We've been over the rocks and over the falls, but perhaps there is a still quiet place ahead as the river narrows. A place where we can simply float for a time to recover our strength.


Carpe Diem said...

That is your hope...that God's purpose is to refresh and restore. It is His character after all to redeem what we give to Him and to make whole what has been broken. My prayer for your family is that you will enter His rest together but also that He will lead you to His banqueting table--to His provision for you in this season and all the good that He has for you in it.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Good luck! I hope the healing is FAST.