Saturday, May 22, 2010


Friday night, our small team of sojourners to Honduras over Spring Break gathered with the very best of company. All of our families were with us, and that's not all. The three volunteers who gave months of service to the children + one fiance, and Dr. Tom and his wife (who are very much a driving force behind the House of Hope) were all able to join us for dinner. After enjoying their hospitality in Puerto Lempira, it was novel to share a meal at home together.

This morning saw many of the same faces gathered at Dr. Tom's home where a semi was parked on the lawn. Pallets of goods were being loaded onto the truck and packed in as tightly as possible to be driven to Houston. The items loaded were a disparate mix of the various goods needed at the House, and a few items being transported for the Waits family in their upcoming move. Appliances, cabinets, a counter top and sink were loaded along with wheel chairs, clothing, bicycles, industrial drums of bleach, and bags of pinto beans. (I just took pictures while everyone else worked. My excuse is that all the tasks were already assigned.) The volunteers put in hours loading the truck.
Once the last boxes were stacked, and the final piece of equipment crammed into a crevice, everyone stepped back so the doors could be closed. A few cheers and much clapping broke out. The container will be met by eager recipients a month from now in Puerto Lempira. Exchanging hugs and farewells, the workers separated to go their separate ways again after having come together once more for the children of the House of Hope.

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