Monday, May 24, 2010


Walker had a book parked on her shelf by Bill Hybels. Recently, she decided to read Holy Discontent rather than keeping it solely for decorative purposes. Since she's one to gather others' perspectives, she threw open the doors to offer a discussion group for others who might be intrigued by the title's promise of, "Fueling the Fire That Ignites Personal Vision". Since Walker herself is pretty fiery and visionary, there were several takers right away.
Five of us met last week for the first time. There are two more ladies who may join us this week, and one who is missing. (Yes, L, I mean you. I read strings of words like, "firestorm of frustration," and I think of your new life.) A motley assortment of women should make for some interesting weeks whatever topics the book might offer. Last week, we introduced ourselves. One may find confirmation that she is called to precisely what she is doing now. Another is a lump of clay that has been thrown back onto the Potter's wheel, and there's no telling what shape she will take until the wheel stops spinning. A third is in a transition spanning years, and she will eventually have to choose a path. The fourth has a big heart, but is still something of an enigma. And the final woman in the room does not believe herself to have a holy discontent to bring to the table.
There are certainly moments that everything within rises up in an internal firestorm of rebellion against that which is utterly wrong. My soul shrieks. My heart deflates, threatens to explode, hurts... These moments are not tied to oppression like Martin Luther King, Jr or Mother Theresa's helping the destitute receive medical care or die with dignity as noted in chapter 2. I get the concept. I am just in what seems to be a warming tray sort of a time rather than being thrust directly into the flames. That could change next Tuesday. In a heartbeat. Or on some other random day yet to be revealed.

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Good luck with your study. I need to look for that book.