Friday, June 11, 2010


Nothing big today. Just a few little things.
  • The Boy is feeling no pain, but he looks a little like a chipmunk with his post-extraction swelling.
  • I have an appointment with another in the slow parade of -ologists on the 28th. Still no idea why my spleen and liver are enlarged.
  • Little Bit has become enamored of a blue shirt with a star on it. I am going to hide it because she has been wearing it since Sunday. First, I will have to extricate her from it.
  • Middle Child has somehow managed to murder the computer she saved to buy herself for her 12th birthday. I hope the mister and I sprung for the "no matter what" replacement plan.
  • My closet may have a moth. I am finding an increasing number of articles of clothing with holes in them. Shopping is not my happy place. The full-length mirrors and inconsistent sizes tend to highlight the body image issues that are otherwise held at bay by ice cream.

1 comment:

Fannie said...

I have a moth infestation in my kitchen, but despite tearing the pantry and all contents apart I can't find their hatchery. It is driving me CRAZY!