Monday, June 28, 2010


Ah. Joseph is the subject of the current series at our church. Joseph had an awful lot of ups and downs, and yesterday we contemplated what an old friend would refer to as some serious, "down-dooby-down-down" stuff because our hero refused to bring grief to his Lord. It was pointed out in the message that with all the badness dragging Joseph deeper into misfortune, that God was with him. Joseph just kept living the life that God had for him. The guy was no weenie because God was with him and he knew it.
Today, I am clinging to this thought. In an hour and a half, I will be sitting in the office of a hematologist/oncologist. I have already had an oncologist, and I do not want another one. The last one was treating thyroid cancer which is, thankfully, the most treatable sort of cancer. (It's the cancer of choice for weenies.) Dr. J is a specialist in less weenie-fied sorts of out-of-control cells and blood diseases and disorders. Hopefully, he will have answers to why my spleen and liver are enlarged.
Hopefully, fear will not kick into hyper-drive whatever Dr. J says. Joseph is not listed as whining. Complaining. Kicking and Screaming. (He did put fleeing into good use, but that's not quite in context here. Even though I wish it was appropriate to run away from what I do not find palatable.) Not possessing the sort of strength of spirit to be cast down in the prison of a body that does not work quite as it should, there remains the underlying faith that God is with me in all circumstances.


Fannie said...

Sending good thoughts and prayers your way - hope all goes well.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I'm saying a prayer--for health AND peace for you.