Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Little Bit has healed up nicely from her four teeth extracted last week. Thinking that we had that behind us, The Boy and I headed over to the dentist this morning for his cleaning. As I signed him in, it occurred to me that perhaps I was due, too. Sure enough, June 4th had come and gone. Our obliging dentist offered to clean my teeth during Evan's appointment since I was already there. Perfect.

Reclining in the chair, there was a certain amount of pleasure in hearing from the hygienist that Evan's oral hygiene was excellent. (Whew. That should preclude any cavities. Um, no, but cavities are not all that lurked in The Boy's sparkling clean mouth...) Once the cleanings were completed, the dentist popped in to go over the findings from both exams at once. Displaying Evan's panoramic x-ray, he pointed to four little teeth unsuccessfully attempting to erupt. Four little impacted wisdom teeth pushing up against the roots of The Boys back teeth and just waiting to cause his nerves untold trouble. The dentist suggested getting them out sooner rather than later.

So. In another show of accommodation, the office has an Oral Surgeon who was scheduled to be in the office tomorrow for another procedure at 8:00. Said surgeon will be removing four impacted wisdom teeth at 9:00 from Evan's mouth. Theoretically, Middle Child does not have a set of four teeth that might need to come out, but after the past few days, I'm not counting on that.

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Ooooh...that's gonna hurt. Both the mouth and the wallet.