Friday, June 25, 2010


There's an old Bill Cosby bit about couples who wonder if they can get pregnant. He assures them that they can. Except that sometimes they cannot. The Boy was an "impossible" pregnancy due to a hormone deficiency. Except that the impossible turned out to be entirely possible. One would think that the success of an impossible pregnancy would have convinced even the most doubtful mama that pregnancy was not outside the realm of possibility. Except that another doctor following up on the same hormonal condition claimed that the was zero chance of another pregnancy.
Mr. Cosby continued his comedy routine to say that second children are often the answer to the same parents who wondered if they could get pregnant asking themselves if they could do it again. He again assures them that they can. The mister and I again proved doctors wrong and Bill Cosby right with the successful conception of Middle Child. I don't know what Bill Cosby said about subsequent pregnancies, but the doctor who delivered our third child also performed the subsequent surgery to prevent any further experimentation.

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