Wednesday, August 4, 2010


The Reach Out Honduras board met last night in anticipation of the Waits family's imminent departure Friday for Honduras. The original three directors of Reach Out Honduras, Alex, Laura, and Wendy (who all signed on in order to incorporate the organization in the state of Texas and begin the process of gaining 501c3 non-profit status with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service) voted to expand to a larger party of 14 people with a heart for the Moskito people in Puerto Lempira and for the mission of the Waits family to serve. It was sweet to hear of the future dreams and possibilities, to imagine what might be.
There was sadness at the meeting's conclusion as Laura pointed out that the meeting was good-bye-for-now, but bubbly, cheerful Amy, who made the Spring Break trip and will lead the Thanksgiving group, presented her phone with an app responsible for counting down the days to the Honduras Thanksgiving trip and reunion with our precious friends. Amy happily displayed the counter with its "108 days," reading. That's not-so-long in grown-up time. After all, those days will be full of back-to-school preparations, the First Day of School, middle and high school cross country seasons, the initiation of our youngest daughter into the double-digit birthdays as she turns 10 this Fall, and a whole host of the everyday that fills our days.
This morning, waking to this new day involved the recognition that these eyes are unlikely to see the Waits again for months. Still fresh is the memory of three-year-old Aaron's arms wrapped around my legs in a good-bye hug, well wishes exchanged with Dad Alex, Aidan, Arlee, and Adam, followed by one more big hug for Mom Laura as farewells were exchanged once more. Last Saturday, the mister and I were part of a circle of friends surrounding the Waits clan in prayer at a larger farewell potluck held at their home church. And there have been a couple of more private Moms Only meetings over coffee or brunch with the knowledge that such opportunities were limited in these last days of the Waits's suburban citizenship. All of these formalities have built up anticipation of seeing this sweet family off on the adventure of their lives. These many good-byes are sweet in light of the expectation of a reunion highlighted by seeing how God will use these lives so fully given over to His purposes. Just 107 days to go.

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Laura said...

That you are walking through this with us gives us both great peace. You know the place we are going, you understand our hearts, you recognize God and only God's power to bring us to this place. For all of these things, and many, many more I say Yeeehaw and bring on the Starbucks!