Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Carpe Diem

What to do? What to do? Last weekend's training at the church yielded the possibility of serving in a lay counseling role at our church. There also arose opportunity to be an active part of the East Pleasant Suburb initiative called Neighbor to Neighbor. This weekend holds the much awaited volunteer training, TB test, and background check for filling in a slot on the schedule for a local emergency removal children's shelter. All of these opportunities are good ones; yet, they present a challenge, too.
Knowing that my mister is not enthusiastic (at this time) about fostering, it's worthwhile to seek ways to care for children who might not have the same benefits my own lovies enjoy in place of that particular desire. There is a caution to all these good opportunities, though. There are a pair of teens and a tween in our home who need their own Mom, too. The mister has a rather strong claim as well. The same may also be said of the precious friends who share our lives.
Commitment to one or any of the Good Things outside of our existing relationships and commitments is something withheld for the moment. Not out of stinginess, but out of a desire to genuinely give a full commitment to whatever service is undertaken. The next couple of weeks are for mining data--- determining what our family's needs are going to be with the new school year starting, the mister working a couple of days a week in an office rather than solely from home, athletic schedules, regular meetings and appointments, new school start and release times, etc. Then it will be time to determine which of the Good Things can be opportunities seized.

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